Useful hints and tricks when moving big furnishings

By | July 8, 2015

The moving day can last for a whole eternity if you don`t take all the measurements and you don`t go through the organizational steps in advance. Next are few hints and useful tricks on how to deal with the big heavy furnishings.
First, make sure that your biggest and heaviest belongings are well preserved and in a good condition for the long trip. There are bumps and turns all along the road, and so you definitely want to eliminate the risk of turning or sliding of an item inside the moving van. Because of that, make sure that the biggest objects like dismantled furniture or whole pieces of chairs, tables, sofas, etc. sit tight and they`re carefully enwrapped. Use protective edges for the biggest paintings and mirrors, as well as for wooden furnishings like cabinets, bookshelves and desks. Another great hint is to fulfill all the void spaces inside the furnishings so to save space by enhancing their stability in the meantime. Fill empty racks and shelves with light objects like curtains, newspapers, blankets or cushions maybe. One you will reduce the number of removal boxes for an easier orientation and two – you can hire a smaller removal van at a lower price.
The largest pieces of furniture are usually the heaviest objects to load in the van and so they are essential for the right centering of the weight of the van. You don`t want to put all the big and heavy furniture in one corner of the van`s cargo area, because it will become instable during the turns. A great idea is to put the big heavy furnishings around all the walls and corners of the van and in the center of the cargo space too. Hire a van with a sliding side door if you have to move only a couple of large furnishings, as well as when you want to do everything by yourself. The sliding side doors are perfect if you want to stop the van by the roadside and to unload directly around the front door. By contrast, if you plan a variety of overwhelming moving house activities – a bigger van with a rear door and with a hydraulic ramp should be a better opt.
Always dismantle furniture and fitness equipment if possible, in order to prepare them for a long trip. The long dismantling adventure is definitely worth it, because these yet giant and heavy objects will become more compatible for handling and they can even fit into removal boxes. Not to mention that some truly giant objects and furnishings can fit through the van door and the house doors only when dismantled.
Useful hints and tricks when moving big furnishings
Make a simple sketch with the floor plan of your new house so the movers can easily orientate where to unload the big objects. This will ensure you less time and troubles with the unwrapping and unpacking of the boxes and the items, as well as organization of the rooms on the other hand.
Don`t forget to inspect the route to the front door of the new house for any imperfections, such as bumps, trees, fallen leaves and branches, bushes, kids toys, pebbles, etc. This yet simple and quick task is very important when you have to handle over 50 kg. of a vintage wooden table along a steep stairway, for example, upstairs.
Call your strongest friends to provide some extra help and assistance with the heavy lifting of the furniture. Don`t forget to prepare protective gloves for the heavy lifting, while another great idea is to use gliding blankets so not to scratch or damage the furniture.

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